Importance of Dog Grooming

Grooming is not all about keeping your dog looking great and beautiful, many people take dog grooming courses to learn this trade. There are plenty of other benefits involved that most dog owners never realise which is why it is important to regularly groom your dog. Breeds that have longer or thicker hair need to be groomed more regularly and if you are thinking of keeping such a dog, you should have enough time and finances to keep the grooming up to date. Here is why.

Health checks

Before the grooming process starts, a groomer is expected to do the 7-point health check on your dog. They will check the ears, eyes, skin, teeth, bottom, nails and gums. If there are any health problems, they will be highlighted by these checks. They also help to identify any hidden wounds and lumps so the dog is able to get timely treatment.

Prevent knots and matting

This is primarily avoided by brushing your dog regularly. You can easily do the brushing yourself but if you prefer to have a professional do it, you can take it to a dog groomer. If not brushed regularly, the mattes can cause a lot of discomfort for the dog and a lot of pain. The can also cause cuts in the skin and prevent circulation of blood or even restrict movement.

Trimmed nails

Clipping the nails of a dog is also very essential. Long nails can cause injury to the dog and also to other people. Nail clipping is not difficult but in most cases, it is better off done by a professional groomer or your vet.


Dogs love to roll in the dirt and mud but, that doesn’t mean they don’t like getting clean either. A clean dog is a healthy and happy dog. A regular wash every now and then should keep the dog free of bad odour and get rid of the excess dirt.

Dog welfare

Regular grooming is highly important for the welfare of the dog which is in most cases is required by law. Keeping a dog in unhealthy conditions with severely matted hair can get you prosecuted.

Getting the dog used to handling

Getting the dog groomed from a young age helps it get used to being handled and reduces the fuss. It gets used to the process and once it’s older, the process is much easier and the mess is limited.

Curb external parasites

The thickness of the dog hair is the perfect hiding place for external parasites. Regular grooming can help to identify such parasites like fleas and ticks so you can take the appropriate measures to get rid of them.

happy groomed dog