Importance of Dog Grooming

Much as you love your dog, the pet hair can really get on your nerves. It is extremely hard to get it off your furniture and carpets and you will even occasionally find it on your clothes.

If you are tired of having to fight the losing battle with pet hair, you will find these great tips handy in helping you get your home back and still keep your furry friend.

Put your clothes away

Your first line of defence against pet hair is putting clothes and other items away where the shedding can’t get to them. Hang your clothes or put them in a hamper as soon as you’re done with them. Pets usually find these as a great place to nap and that is why you will find pet hairs on the clothes as well.

Get pet hair of your furniture and upholstery

To most pet lovers, this is the hardest part of getting your home clean. However, there is a neat trick that you can use. Use damp rubber gloves and run them across the carpet and upholstery and any other areas that you might find are a pain to clean. With this trick, you won’t be able to pick up the hair but, you will be able to collect it in a pile so picking it up is much easier.

Keep a lint roller around

Another great tool that can save you time and energy when cleaning up pet hair is a lint roller. It is best to have it at the front of your door. Use it every time you leave the home to make sure you don’t leave with any pet hairs on you. This saves you from bringing the menace into your car and work place as well.

Vacuum carpets

Before you start to vacuum the carpets, sprinkle a little baking soda over it. This serves two functions. First, it helps to loosen the pet hairs from the grasp of the carpet so they are easy to remove and it also helps to deodorize the carpet.

Use a dry rubber Squeegee

Using the squeegee as a rake, take short strokes over the carpet. This will pile up the stubborn pet hairs and make them easier to pick up.

Build energy

In most cases, in your fight with pet hair, some of them end up flying back on to surface. By using an electrostatic mop, you can mop to attract the hairs and make cleaning much easier.

Assess your pet

Shedding is a common phenomenon in pets. However, when the shedding is too much, it might be a symptom of a deeper rooted issue like allergies and fleas and sometimes even pregnancy.

Routine brushing and care

You can also control the amount of pet hairs transferred to your house by keeping a strict and regular maintenance schedule for your pet.

Your routine should include regularly brushing your pet’s coat and keeping it clean and soft. You can seek advice from your groomer or vet to find out the best brush for your pet. Also, make sure that the pet takes a bath regularly. If your pet has a dry itchy skin, an oatmeal shampoo can help to calm the symptoms and reduce the scratching.

happy groomed dog