Dog Grooming in Leicester

At LDGC we offer quality dog grooming in Leicester in a safe and relaxing environment, free from cages and of course at competitive prices. We offer poaches a VIP treatment with the range of services we provide, such as dog washing and drying to full clipping and styling. We only use the best products to give your poach the VIP treatment in a fully safe and sterile environment suitable for dog breeds of all shapes, sizes and ages.

As the leading dog groomers in Leicester, we offer each pooch the luxury experience with the help of our trained, qualified dog groomers who are focused in make your dog feel special and delivering the best possible experience in a stress-free experience. All our trainers are dog lovers are qualified dog groomers, who go out of their way to ensure your dog enjoys the experience of getting groomed in a friendly environment.

Dog Grooming Services Offered

As the leading dog groomers in Leicester we offer a variety of services to get your dog smelling fresh. Some of our services include:

  • Bath, Brush and Dry – Our trained groomers will check for abrasions, lesions, matting or skin conditions on your poach. We will then bath your dog using skin friendly shampoos and conditioners that are suitable for your dog’s coat.
    After the bathing, we will dry down your dog to remove any excess water and then brush down dog using the appropriate brushes that suits the coat type and size of the dog. Brushing is important, as it will gets rid of the excess undercoat that is not needed, this will reduce moulting all year round.

  • Clip and Trimming – It is recommended clipping is undertaken every six to eight weeks for hygiene purposes. However, we understand many dog owners would like to carry out this task themselves and so we offer free advice how you can do this at home.
    Every dog has different needs depending on their health and physical activities they carry out. For example, if your Alsatian enjoys jumping in lakes and rivers it would be recommended they have a shorter coat trim compared to a Alsatian that prefers to sit at home, it’s all about what suits you and what suits your dog according to activities he or she does.

  • Scissors – Scissoring is a skilled art that takes years of experience, as different breeds have different needs. For example, Poodles and Pomeranians coat is bouncy with curls, therefore they should not be getting the same scissor technique you would dog for a Jack Russell who are short coated with harder coats. We have specialist staff who carry out this task, as it takes far longer than clipping and trimming.

  • Hand Stripping – Hand-stripping is an art on its own, this technique is removes the dead hair and undercoat of your dog by hand. This technique is recommended for dogs with tough and resilient outer coats such as Schnauzers and a range of Terrier dogs. Hand stripping preserves the colour of your dog’s coat compared to using electronic clippers with lightens and softens the coat.
    Hand stripping maybe a more expensive solution, but in the long run it will reduce your costs as hand stripping is required 2-3 times a year, compared to electric clipping.

Why Choose Us?

  • Diverse training courses – we offer a wide variety of dog grooming and dog grooming related courses. The areas we cover include bath, brush and dry, trimming and clipping, hand stripping and scissoring.

  • Personal attention – being a private establishment, we have invested in having the right teacher to student ratio to make sure that our learners are able to get personalised attention from our teachers. As a result, training is more hands-on and more thorough.

  • Accredited dog grooming trainers – we have worked hard to establish our name and brand as the leading private dog grooming training establishment. We have been accredited by a variety of animal and grooming organisations which include the City & Guild NPTC, the ICMG UK and the IPG.

  • Approved courses – our courses are carefully planned and executed according to the standards and guidelines of the IPG/ICMG and the City & Guilds III organisations. The high standards set out by these organisations guarantee that each person taking our course and completing successfully has recognisable paperwork to back their training and highly competitive training to help them achieve their goals as a groomer.

  • Accommodation – we offer affordable accommodation on the farm for the learner who would prefer to stay close and with our accommodation, you also get basic groceries.